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SWR - Cuddles and The Force by ImaginationDiva
SWR - Cuddles and The Force
Wooosh~~ I finally stopped being tardy and submitted something!! Forgive the bad anatomy, this was slightly rushed. To the left is my OC and Ezra (a.k.a the blueberry) - just a little something for Valentine's Day :heart: ..and to the right is Adosho wielding her lightsaber and using the Force~ (and yes, I can't color lightsabers properly yet - don't judge me =//3//=..)

Adosho --> Me :3 (no stealing!)

Ezra Bridger & SWR --> Disney / Lucasfilms

(09/02/2016 - Tuesday)
Sooo....what should I draw for Valentine's Day? O3O...TF couples? Star Wars couples? Max Steel couples, maybe? I can't decide! ..I'm so busy >A<;;
Star Wars OC - Adosho Til by ImaginationDiva
Star Wars OC - Adosho Til
yes, another OC - I've had her ref. sheet done since January but couldn't find the time to post her yet, and her bio is taking longer than I expected. *cries in the corner* 

But I will try to summarize what I have for her so far: (heck, who knows, if I keep typing, this might BE her new bio =w=;; ..) 
She was dropped off to a priestess' doorstep in a village on Shili as a baby and was raised as their adopted child along with the priestess and her husband's biological daughter; Oralaa Sewuan. She doesn't know who her biological parents are - so the poor dear assumed the Empire must've taken them prisoner. When she was one year old, she began showing signs that she was Force-Sensitive; some people in her village marvel in her special gift whilst others think of her as a magnet for the Empire; and her being here could risk them being killed.

Fast forward to when Adosho was nine years old, the Empire finally found her; sending the Grand Inquisitor to eliminate her. Adosho's adoptive father attempted to fight the Grand Inquisitor but was murdered by his red lightsaber. Oralaa takes her sister to an underground bunker to hide, praying the Grand Inquisitor doesn't find them here - but he eventually did, he was able to sense the large amount of fear resonating off of Adosho. Not wanting to loose any more lives, Oralaa rushed to defend her sister by using a spear, attempting to take a jab at the Dark Force user; she failed, and it resulted in the Grand Inquisitor cutting off her hand as a form of sadistic torture. For the first time - Adosho felt geniune anger, letting her emotions take over; she Force-pushes the Grand Inquisitor out through the doors of the bunket and got Oralaa to a medic. The villagers managed to hold their own until the Inquisitor was ordered to fall back. After finding out about the death of her adoptive father - Adosho became hesitant of her Force abilities, and swore never to use it ever again. 

Another year passed by, Adosho; who is now ten years old, and Oralaa witnesses a pirate ship land on the soil outside their village and attempted to make contact. There they discovered an all-female pirate ship called The Grand Duchess and their captains: Marii Bellator and Ava Zendu. They request to be taken to the priestess of the village for medical supplies, since the crew had a recent run-in with the Empire. Oralaa oblidged but Adosho was suspicious of these two new characters. She later learns from her adoptive mother that Marii and Ava have been dropping to Shili for sometime to collect medical herbs for their ship, and they were on the run from the Empire's capture. Adosho still refuses to trust them, even though they have nothing to hide; Ava was able to sense the Force within Adosho and questions her mother how this came to be. Instead, the mother replied with a plea to the two pirates; that they find a Jedi master to train Adosho, there is nothing they can teach her here. 

Marii decided and agrees to take Adosho with them on their journey - of course Oralaa objects; feeling the need to protect her little sister, she persuades her mother to send her away as well. Marii was reluctant, since she only agrees to take one of them with her...Ava somehow convinces Marii that bringing Oralaa along will be beneficial to Adosho's growth; the two Togruta girls were given a chance to say goodbye to their mother and set off on a journey on board the Grand Duchess. The two girls made themselves useful around the ship: cooking, cleaning, laundry, storing weapons and other supplies. But Oralaa found her calling as a tactician, whilst Adosho just stood by and tries to learn from watching her sister work. As Adosho grew to the ripe age of 14, she was able to help her sister work as an assistant tactician; and learn how to hold her own blaster. As the Grand Duchess crew were minding their own business, they spotted an Imperial Stardestroyer and decided to loot it for weapons and ammo - of course they never expected rebels and the crew of the Red Falcon to be there as well. After a huge battle and everyone escaped with minor injuries, Marii discovers that the rebels have with them a Jedi; named Ahsoka Tano who was also a Togruta, whom she and her husband; Elijah Juno, were friends with when she was younger. She asks Ahsoka to train Adosho to use her Force abilities, since she's been refusing to use it for years; Ahsoka agrees and was able to meet Adosho in person; taking her in as her padawan.

Adosho falls head over heels for the first time when Ahsoka decided to combine classes with Kanan and Ezra, alongside Ava and her padawan, Aileen. Seeing Ezra made Adosho's heart flutter, and she was unable to concentrate on her training. She confines her feelings to Ahsoka, and she encourages the youngling to tell Ezra how she feels. After training, Adosho did just that and got a quiet moment alone with Ezra out in the empty hallways; she learns his origin on Lothal and how his parents had already passed; but has found a new family with the Rebels whom he is happily living with. Adosho was so touched by his story; she and him are no different, she wanted to tell Ezra badly how she feels for him, but words weren't coming out. She furstrated herself and just pulled Ezra by the collar of his jumpsuit into a liplock; you can imagine the shocked face on Ezra when Adosho pulled back and hid her red face from embarrassment. After the young and blushing Adosho calms down, she apologizes to Ezra for kissing him so abruptly; he instead reponds to her with a kiss on the cheek, and accepting her feelings; and the two began dating ever since; expressing their affection towards one another with small kisses on the cheek, cute nicknames and the endless nights of staying up late chatting.

After a few ordeals, Ahsoka finally located a hidden Jedi Temple on Shili and takes Adosho to face the trials of whether she was worthy enough of becoming a Jedi; facing many illusions facing her insecurities of being viewed as weak and defenseless, and a what-if scenario of what would happened if she had not seeked out the Rebels, but instead turn to the Dark Side and became an Inquisitor herself. Seeing through the illusions, she comes face to face with Yoda and expresses her emotion of wanting to contribute to the Rebel cause, and how she wanted to keep her new family safe from the Empire's reign. Pleased by her reply, Yoda bestows to her a kyber crystal - and Adosho began using parts sent by an old friend of hers on Shili to construct her lightsaber; thus being able to continue her training with Ahsoka more properly. 


> Hondo Ohnaka is actually friends with her biological parents, so she addresses him as "Uncle Hondo".
> Whilst on a temporary visit to Lothal, she and Ezra take in a small Loth-kitten; later named Spots. 
> Even though she is headstrong and stubborn, Adosho is actually very polite and soft-spoken. 
> She never address Kanan, Ava or Ahsoka by just their name, instead always calling them "Master", then followed by their name. 
> Adosho is (ocassionally) a bit of a damsel in distress, since she's a little new to fighting. 
> Adosho actually finds Chopper very lovable instead of annoying. 

(08/02/2016 - Monday)
The most annoying pig in Angry Birds 2? ...the motherfucking Magician Pig!! Ugghhh!!! >____<;;
Star Wars OC - The Twins by ImaginationDiva
Star Wars OC - The Twins
Say hello to these little cuties >w< Been meaning to post it a few weeks ago, aren't they adorable? XD :heart: 
Meet Aileen and Ein - twins of Marii and Elijah, they are both 10 years old. 
I have plans of making Aileen Force-Sensitive, and Ein wanting to become a pilot like Hera (because Hera is awesome, woo! >3< )
Their bio is in the works, as all my character bios are =w=;; ..*cries in the corner* 

(01/02/2016 - Monday) 
Have you guys ever made a decision to quit doing something, but then a while before deciding to quit for good - you start to feel guilty for wanting to quit...
I have a neck ache that's been here since yesterday - it's proving to be such a hindrance that I can't even sit down to doodle or finish my university homework assignments =A=;;;
Bought a new notepad three weeks is now five pages, drawn to the rim with pairings of my other Star Wars OC pairing with Ezra Bridger from Star Wars Rebels. I swear - I am obsessed with that blueberry =w=;;
The musical wasn't half bad - I just found out that a few of my professors were in the performance too!!
Just finished watching Star Wars Rebels - Season 2 Episode 10 "Princess on Lothal" -- Ahh, it was awesome!! XD… )
So I'm having second thoughts about my ARC-Trooper OC's helmet + uniform. I don't know whether to follow the Clone Wars Mini-Series design or the Clone Wars TV show design - I'm so torn apart - Again!!! >A<;;
1 week later - runny nose still here, sore throat is dying down. I have blowing my nose five or six times a day - I might as well have broken a record for most tissues used by a sick person! =____=
So apparently this Saturday I am forced to attend a musical at another university; because the teacher wants us to write a report afterwards. Great =____=...thanks! It's not like I wanted to stay home and relax or anything..
Runny nose, sore throat, throbbing headache - Guess what! I'm sick! Ugh!!! =____=
You know your life is shit when your mom calls you a pathetic idiot - even for making such a small mistake that can be solved. 
First day of the first week of the second semester of college! ..I'm so fucking tired already! Give me back the holidays!


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Primrata Dharamadhaj (Primmy) ^^
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What's up Deviant Members!
Names' ImaginationDiva!
Nice to meet you!! ^^ I look forward to being friends with you all, its going to be very wonderful here, I can tell ^^
Look forward to my artworks, I may be a rookie, but rest assured I will try my best to please you all ^^
Best regards!!

So please, feel free to comment! ^^

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"It's hard to find friends, but it's harder to find good friends..."
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"I'm the tiny voice in your head, the source of your doubt and failure, if you ever mess with me, or anyone else I care about...that tiny voice will follow you for the rest of your life..." - Freestyle

"If doubt is what holds you back, I will be the comfort to pull you forward" - Quicksilver

"What's the matter? Am I too hot to handle?" - Phoenix

"Sometimes it takes more courage not to fight..." - Azura

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I've been meaning to get this off of my chest for years. After enjoying the pampering and the clothes from my mom, I began to notice a pattern in the way she dresses me; examples are: whenever she gives me a jacket with one of those long ass ropes or ribbons (whatever you wanna call it), I try to tie it around in a way that appeals to me and actually looks acceptable, or when we're going out and she's already picked clothes for me, but I wanted to change one thing around like another pants/legging or maybe another t-shirt. My mom would throw a fit if I "deviate" from her fashion plans, she will sometimes throw a fit and she doesn't care whose in the room with us. "That looks terrible, take it off!" , "why aren't you dressing the way I tell you to?!" , "why aren't you wearing the outfit I picked for you?!" , "if you're not going to wear [that t-shirt, skirt, pants], then I'll just give it to someone else!". Don't get me wrong, I love my mom, but sometimes her choices of outfits doesn't match mine - she preferably chooses cool clothes over comfortable clothes, so you can imagine the look on her face when I dress down on the weekends when I go to visit my grandma. 

I can can never be unique or dress unique in front or around my mom, she sees it as some sort of eyesore - like her eyes are burning just from seeing me tweaking the outfit by one little detail. I just have to be her little doll, dress in whatever seems 'normal' in her eyes. In other words: my mom is generic and boring, wanting me to dress over the top but in a normal way. She even berated my outfit in front of our housemaid - the housemaid! She doesn't give a damn who is standing there, she just wants to berate me and tell me my unique fashion choice looks "weird" and that people will stare in disapproval. Sometimes I'd like to think that my mom lacks imagination to make any of her own clothes look unique (I'm sorry mom, I didn't wanna say it - but I have to!). I'm 20 years old for goodness sake! I can dress myself, and yet here my mom is, still trying to control me. 

This is is getting out of hand, my mom just doesn't understand me, does she? 
I'm slowly standing up for myself and have my own opinions, but my mom seems to take it as "talking back to her", which I really don't get why.
Do you guys have this problem with your folks? Please share.

(27/12/2015 - Sunday)

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